Saturday, April 9, 2016

Social Rot Revealed: British mother and son living in U.S. who enjoy 'mind-blowing sex' together go into hiding as police say they could face 15 years in jail

This is depravity pure and simple.
  However, don’t be surprised if some Liberal academic types will make an argument that incest is just another sexual orientation.  It’s already happened three years ago with some claiming pedophilia is another sexual orientation.  This is the Pandora’s Box opened wide when the definition of marriage is changed.    

Daily Mail reports a British mother and her son who are in a sexual relationship have gone into hiding as police have warned they could face 15 years in jail.

Kim West, 51, and her son Ben Ford, 32, who live in Michigan, US, told yesterday that they plan to marry and have a baby together.

But the pair are now in hiding after the US authorities became aware of their relationship, reported The Mirror.
The pair have been in a relationship since they met in 2014 and says they have 'incredible and mind-blowing' sex.

Under Michigan state law, the couple could face up to 15 years in prison, and forced to sign the Sex Register for life. 

Miss West and Mr Ford came back into contact two years ago after Mr Ford wanted to find out more about his birth parents and got in touch with Miss West. 

They found themselves sexually attracted to each other and shared their first kiss over a bottle of champagne in a hotel before having sex.

And just three days after they had sex for the first time, Mr Ford told his wife Victoria, he no longer loved her and would be leaving.

He told New Day that he told his wife: 'Everytime I have had sex with you since I met her, I imagine its her I am kissing, otherwise I can't perform.'

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