Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ted Cruz in North Dakota: Trump Nomination Hands Clinton the White House With 'a Big Silver Bow'

Ted Cruz, Creative Commons

Can Ted Cruz take advantage of Trump’s bad week? 
Much of the media is making a big deal of a Wisconsin win for Cruz.  But, that’s just spin to stop Trump’s march to the nomination.  Cruz’s path is extremely difficult and although the GOP appears to be throwing in with Cruz, it’s all fake support because they hate him more than Trump.  

NBC reports Sen. Ted Cruz made a forceful pitch to North Dakota's party activists and delegates on Saturday to back him over Donald Trump — warning that a Trump nomination would guarantee a win for Democrat Hillary Clinton. 

"It hands the general election to Hillary Clinton with a big silver bow," he said at the North Dakota Republican Party convention, referring to the real estate tycoon. "He loses by double digits." 

Cruz said that across the nation, the majority of Republicans are coalescing in opposition to Trump, who still leads the GOP field in national polling despite dipping numbers

They understand that "nominating Donald would be a trainwreck," the Texas politician 
said. "Nominating Donald elects Hillary Clinton."

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