Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ted Cruz is crumbling before our very eyes How even John Podhoret realizes that Cruz is finished

Ted Cruz, Gage Skidmore

I think this is a pivotal moment because this is the first opinion piece by NY Post’scolumnist JohnPodhoret that comes the closest to acknowledges that Ted Cruz is finished.

For the past few weeks, Republican campaign professionals and conservatives who are seeing the GOP nomination heading into Donald Trump’s hands have been counseling anti-Trump voters not to panic and consoling themselves with the notion that things will turn around for Ted Cruz when the final weeks of the campaign shift to the Midwest and mountain states.

After Trump’s astounding five-for-five primary night, by margins that were likely surprising even for Trump fans, it’s now Indiana or bust. If Trump wins the primary next week in the Hoosier State, Cruz is toast and Trump will almost certainly be the Republican nominee.

There’s no putting lipstick on this pig. Cruz’s numbers Tuesday night, like his numbers in New York last week, were beyond horrible. With six weeks to go before voting concludes, the man conservatives are hoping can overcome Trump with his clever delegate game and more serious mien is getting 10 to 15 percent of the vote in major states.

It isn’t only that the not-Trump vote is failing to coalesce around Cruz — he’s going backward.

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