Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trump needs to clarify his position on Transgender bathroom rights very quickly because he’s made a huge mistake

I don’t understand what Trump’s position is but he needs to have a road to Damascus moment because he’s siding with sexual predators.   

Politico reports "Oh, I had a feeling that question was going to come up, I will tell you. North Carolina did something that was very strong. And they're paying a big price. There's a lot of problems," the Republican presidential candidate said during a town hall event on NBC's "Today."

 Referring to comments from an unnamed commentator who on Wednesday said North Carolina should "leave it the way it is right now," Trump said he agreed.

 "Leave it the way it is. North Carolina, what they're going through with all the business that's leaving, all of the strife -- and this is on both sides. Leave it the way it is," he said.

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Trump is not making any sense.