Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WHAT DEAL? Kasich tells Indiana voters to back him, despite promise to give Cruz 'a clear path'

These guys are better than watching the Honeymooners.
  This so-called deal between Cruz and Kasich lasted about four and a half minutes.  It was a very bad idea from jump.    

Fox News reports Ohio Gov. John Kasich appeared Monday to undercut his campaign's extradordinary agreement to stand aside in the key state of Indiana by urging voters in the Hoosier State to support him anyway. 

"I've never told them not to vote for me," Kasich said while campaigning in Pennsylvania. "They ought to vote for me." He added that he simply agreed not to spend "resources" in Indiana.

Adding to the mixed messaging was the fact that Kasich planned to travel to Indianapolis Tuesday for a private fundraising event, despite canceling two planned public rallies in Indianapolis and Noblesville.

Kasich made the remarks approximately 13 hours after his camapign announced an arrangement to give rival Ted Cruz "a clear path" in Indiana, which holds a winner-take-all primary next week. In exchange, Cruz is to give Kasich a clear path in Oregon and New Mexico in an effort to prevent front-runner Donald Trump from attaining the necessary delegates to seal the GOP nomination before this summer's national convention.

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