Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Ted Cruz lost GOP nod: He’s always been one leg of a three legged stool

Many so-called conservative intelligentsia are stumped as to why GOP voters didn’t flock to Ted Cruz, the most conservative candidate we’ve seen since Ronald Reagan.
  The answer is so obvious and I’m stunned as to why so many couldn’t see it.   

Ted Cruz ideologically is a rock solid conservative with a great mind and a brilliant debater.  But that’s all he is. 

To be a successful politician you have to be a likable person, or at least amiable to those who disagree with you.  Many disagreed with Reagan and still he came across with a likability factor that overcame disagreements.  Cruz doesn’t have that ability and has a reputation for being hated by his colleagues in the Senate, including Republicans.  It’s his fatal flaw that’s always been a factor.    

Another problem for Cruz is the way he speaks.  His delivery is always melodramatic like he’s on the Shakespearian stage and that’s off-putting to a lot of people.  In other words he looks like a bad actor who is overacting. 

These flaws have always been there and many either choose to ignore it or thought it wasn’t a problem.  Cruz was always behind the Eight Ball as a candidate.  And if nobody in his camp saw these detriments, he never had a chance.      


  1. Cruz also lack executive experience. When I compare it to Trump, I'm so impressed by Trump's ability to spend so little and achieve a lot. Not only with his campaign spending, but NY ice rink and Washington Old Post Office that was done under budget and months ahead of schedule. Cruz may cut government spending based in ideological reasons, but Trump will cut spending based on executive experience, which counts for more

  2. He may be "Conservative" and "Smart" but what is as or more important to me is being "Moral" and "Wise". Ted thinks his ticket punch as a so called Christian is an excuse to do anything necessary to win. He is of the mistaken opinion that "The ends justifies the means" and that is definitely NOT Christian and the decent folks of this country can see that from a mile away.

  3. There's something smarmy about Cruz.

    And his self-righteous nod right after he makes a declaration! Irritating -- to say the least.

    1. Smarmy is a good word to describe Cruz. That's his perception.

  4. Cruz has always been a NeoCon shill, never a conservative. He mouths a few platitudes to try and con people. But he is as dirty as a sewer rat.

  5. Your point about his being an actor is on the money.

    He apparently loved theater in school. Don't mean he was good at it.


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