Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wisconsin Tool of the GOP Establishment, but New York puts Trump back on track for GOP nod

This was Wisconsin, right? I mean come on, gimmie a break.  Cheese? 
The GOP establishment and the Never Trump Movement sunk a lot of money in Wisconsin to hand a primary victory to a man they loathe more than Trump, Ted Cruz.  We’re not talking Wisconsin love for a candidate.  Ted Cruz is the next man up in a long line of GOP establishment losers that started from Jeb Bush, to Marco Rubio, to their new found love, Ted.  

Bloomberg reports the Stop Trump movement enjoyed its greatest victory so far, with Senator Ted Cruz defeating the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in Tuesday's Wisconsin primary almost any way the electorate could be sliced. 

Donald Trump lost among female voters by 13 percentage points, his worst margin other than a 16-point loss in Ohio on March 15, according to an exit poll published by CNN. He also fell short by 10 points among voters without college degrees, an important part of his national base. More than half of Wisconsin Republicans said they'd be concerned or scared if Trump was elected president. 

The defeat was so stinging that his campaign released a terse statement calling Cruz a 

“Trojan horse” who is “being used by the party bosses to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump.”

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