Sunday, May 1, 2016

Act of Futility by Ted Cruz: GOP senator ‘barnstorming’ Indiana, as poll shows Trump in double-digit primary lead

I’m amazed how much press Ted Cruz is getting for a campaign that is a dead as Prince. 
The people of Indiana are not stupid enough to vote for a candidate that’s already mathematically eliminated from the race.  Why waste a vote on a non-entity?  Either they’ll jump on the bandwagon and vote for Trump or they won’t vote at all.    

Fox News reports Texas Sen. Ted Cruz admits he’s putting all his eggs into Indiana, but a new poll suggests a win Tuesday in the Hoosier State’s Republican presidential primary against front-runner Donald Trump may be too high a mountain to climb.

“I'm barnstorming the state,” Cruz said on ABC's "This Week." “I'm in a bus with my family, doing everything we can to earn the votes of the men and the women in this state. We are competing hard here. I hope we do well here.”

He made the comments the same day as a new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll showing Trump leading him by 15 percentage points in Indiana, 49-to-34 percent.
Cruz suggested last week that Indiana will decide the GOP presidential contest among him, front-runner Donald Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Amid the latest polls, Cruz still stopped short Sunday of saying he must win Indiana to stay in the race after suggesting last week that it was make-or-break. 

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