Monday, May 30, 2016

Are you kidding me?: Parents of 4-year-old who caused Harambe the gorilla's slaughter at Cincinnati Zoo could be CHARGED

This is ridiculous!
  If this happens it will only be because of pleasure by animal rights activists who want justice a dead Gorilla.  These animal people are the ones who need to be charged for insanity.   

Daily Mail reports police have said the parents of a four-year-old who climbed into a gorilla's enclosure could face criminal charges after staff were forced to kill the beloved animal.

Harambe the 400lb gorilla was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo officials just one day after his 17th birthday when the boy climbed through barriers and fell into the enclosure.
The incident, which was captured on cell phone, has sparked an outcry of emotion, with thousands of mourners branding it a 'senseless death'.

Many are placing the blame squarely on the parents of the boy. They are yet to be charged but police said prosecutors could choose to indict them.
Michelle Gregg, the mother of the boy, posted a message on Facebook saying: 'I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers today. What started off as a wonderful day turned into a scary one.

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Give me a break!  Charging the parents for this would be a real injustice.