Monday, May 16, 2016

Congressman s Randy Forbes ays details of Iran's kidnapping of U.S. sailors will shock the nation

As I’ve said when this incident happened, there was no way in the world U.S. Navy sailors should allow themselves to be captured by Iran without a fight.
  Further, the Obama regime with its ridiculous rules of engagement handed Iran a enormous propaganda victory over the U.S. they’re still crowing about.   
Daily Mail reports a member of the House Armed Services Committee says America has only gotten part of the story on Iran's kidnapping of a group of U.S. sailors earlier this year.

Ten U.S. Navy sailors were taken into custody by the Islamic Republic on January 12, 2016, after the group strayed into Iranian waters off Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf. 
The group were held by the Iranians for 15 hours and subsequently released.

In a move to embarrass the sailors, the Iranian government also released videos showing the men and one woman being taken into custody.

Another video shows one of the commanding lieutenants apologizing for crossing into Iranian waters.

Rep Randy Forbes, a Republican congressman from Virginia, says he has read the full dossier on the incident and he says there's many more details that will shock America. 
The full report on the incident has not been released by the Obama administration, and Forbes says it may take a year or longer for the report to be made public. 

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There’s unfinished business with Iran and I got a feeling when Donald Trump becomes president, there will be payback and it’s going to be a Bitch!  Mark my words.