Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dark Knight has become The Joker: Silent Matt Harvey confirms he’s the phony Mets have enabled

Matt Harvey, Creative Commons

Less than six days ago Matt Harvey got his brains beaten in by the Nationals. 
It was the worst start in his career.  He wanted the ball again for his next start against the same team and got rocked again by the Nats for the second time.    But, Harvey has reached a point where Mets fans have had enough with a guy who’s gotten all the hype a New York media market can bring.  Mike Vaccaro sports columnist for the NY Post lowers the boom on Matt Harvey, The Joker! 

The joke, of course, is that any of this would be remotely surprising by now. The Mets have abided by the Harvey Rules from Day 1, have tread lightly around him, have allowed him the kind of leeway and latitude that should never be afforded someone with 75 career starts, no matter how promising he used to be.

So why wouldn’t he duck and run now?

Why wouldn’t he leave it for his manager and his teammates to answer for him, to speak on his behalf, after another humbling bell-ringing at the hands of the Nationals, another night when he was less Dark Knight than Pale Pawn, another night when he couldn’t recapture even a fraction of the old magic?

 “We’ve got to think about not just what’s best for Matt but for the team,” Terry Collins said after this 7-4 drubbing was complete, after the Nationals had chased Harvey with five runs in the fourth and fifth innings, three of them on home runs. That made it 14 runs (11 of them earned) for the Nats off Harvey in 7 ²/₃ innings going back to last week.

“I’m surprised,” Collins said. “This guy’s way too good to continue like this.”

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Instead of facing the mediaafter the game like a man, Matt Harvey ran away like a Bitch!