Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heartless: Relic thieves desecrate Civil War battlefield in Virginia

This really is shameful for somebody to do.
  A battlefield is hallowed ground that needs to be respected for all time. 

Fox News reports thieves apparently digging for buried relics have desecrated a Civil War battlefield in Virginia, causing damage to a field where more than 1,000 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed.

The National Park Service is calling the looting at the Petersburg National Battlefield an affront to the memory of those who fought and died on that field during the Siege of Petersburg 151 years ago.
Park officials said the field had been excavated in a number of spots.

“This kind of aberrant behavior is always disgusting, but it is particularly egregious as Memorial Day weekend arrives, a time when we honor the memories of our friends and family,” NPS superintendent Lewis Rogers said in a press release Friday, according to WRIC-TV.

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