Friday, May 27, 2016

Hillary’s Loose Lips: Ex-State aide recalls Hillary’s ‘sloppy communications’ with staff may have botched special ops missions

If these allegations are true, it sheds more light on how bad a job Hillary did as secretary of state and demonstrates why she’s not fit to be president.
NY Post reports a former military adviser who worked for Hillary Clinton at the State Department says her “sloppy communications with her senior staff” could have undermined two counterterrorism operations.

Bill Johnson, the department’s adviser to the special operations section of the US Pacific Command in 2010 and 2011, told Newsweek that secret plans to kill the head of a Filipino jihadi group and stop Chinese armaments being smuggled into Iraq both failed.

“I had several missions that went inexplicably wrong, with the targets one step ahead of us,” said Johnson, who worked in Air Force special ops for more than 25 years before joining the State Department in 1999.

He said investigations narrowed down the source of potential leaks to Clinton’s and her aides’ use of unprotected phones — although he admitted he had no solid proof.
In the Philippines, his team targeted Umbra Jumdail, founder of the Abu Sayyaf jihadist group.

“We had good intel. We knew where he was,” Johnson said. “He would be gone three hours before, sometimes as little as a half-hour before. We knew he was getting tipped off somehow.”

Johnson came to believe that unsecure chatter between Clinton staffers in DC and the US Embassy in Manila was to blame.

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Imagine what was compromised with her private server sitting in a bathroom.