Friday, May 27, 2016

Horrible idea-Gender based tax relief: New York Legislature Cuts Taxes on Tampons and Other Feminine Hygiene Products

Where do I start? 
First, this is a naked political play to garner the support of single women, the biggest constituency group the Democrat relies on.  Women are more important to Dems than Blacks or Latinos who are already locks to vote Democrat.  The Democrat Party doesn’t have to work hard to get their votes other than call somebody a racist, and the votes come tumbling in.  But women?  Democrats always have to find different ways to solidify that voting block and this stunt is just an example of that quest.     

NY Times reports the State Legislature has given its final approval to a bill exempting tampons and other feminine hygiene products from sales taxes.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat, said he would sign the exemption into law. It will take effect in the subsequent sales-tax quarter.

The bill exempts tampons, sanitary napkins and panty liners from the 4 percent state sales tax and from local taxes, which are generally about 5 percent.

State Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal, a Democrat whose district covers part of the West Side of Manhattan, said the bill was not limited to those items and would exempt menstrual products introduced in the future.
She called the current tax sexist.

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Another reason why this is a very bad idea is that it allows an incremental mindset to set in.  If it’s sexist to charge a tax on feminine products, then we’re an inch away from calling taxes racist, homophobic, Islam phobic, the whole gamete of grievances.  It’s going to be racist to charge Blacks sales tax to buy Afro Sheen.  The arguments will be endless.  Just watch!      


  1. Why don't the Dems admit their ideological failure and just exempt all women, blacks, and gays from any taxes whatsoever? After all, it's rich billionaires like you and me who should bear the brunt of socialist funding.

    1. That's definately coming. Not all at once but I get what you're saying. The chicken shit GOPers in my state should have raised Hell over this. But their chicken shit for a reason.

    2. I really, really feel sorry for my kids. They've grown up in one wiggedy-whack world.


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