Saturday, May 7, 2016

Nude photo scandal hits Boston’s Duxbury high school 50 girls photos appear on internet website Dropbox


If none of these girls has taken nude selfies of themselves there wouldn’t have been a scandal in the first place. 
Maybe they learned a tough lesson?
Daily Mail reports a Boston high school has been hit with a nude photo scandal after photos featuring up to 50 female students in 'varying degrees of undress' were posted on Dropbox.

Police said many of the photos of the Duxbury High School students appear to be selfies and said the girls' names also appeared on the Dropbox page, which has since been shut down.

A student who feared she was on the list informed school officials of the page's existence the file sharing and storage website on Wednesday. 

Investigators immediately had the San Francisco-based company take the page down, and have since served a search warrant on the site to determine through forensic testing who created the page in the first place. 

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