Saturday, May 21, 2016

India getting chummy with Iran, leader visiting Tehran


Since the passing of the bogus Iranian nuke deal and the lifting of economic sanctions, Iran suddenly is a good investment for some countries and even some America business. 
This is a huge mistake!
BBC reports when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Tehran this weekend, he will find out whether it's the beginning of a new era in bilateral ties - or a missed opportunity.

Delhi's relations with Tehran are multi-faceted and complex. The two countries share centuries-old cultural and linguistic links. In modern times, the relationship is more economic and strategic. 

Tehran was the second biggest supplier of crude oil to India until 2011-12. Iran is also strategically located in the Gulf, and it offers an alternative trade route to Afghanistan and to Central Asia. 

India is home to the world's second highest Shia population, next only to Iran. Iran's influence over an estimated 45 million Shias in India is regarded as significant. With Iran emerging after international sanctions, it offers great investment opportunities to Indian companies.

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