Monday, May 9, 2016

Liar Ben Rhodes who made up a fiction about moderates in Iran to sell a horrible nuke deal justifies his lies in a column

The following piece is a bunch of lies from a guy with no foreign policy experience that somehow got to be Barack Obama’s foreign policy guru. 
That’s pretty much all you need to know here about a dreadful agreement with Iran that will not prevent them from developing nuclear weapons.    

In recent years, few things have been as exhaustively debated or written about than the Iran deal.

That debate reignited this week after a long article about me included a section about the Iran deal. There are many issues raised in an article of this length, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to respond to those topics in the weeks and months to come.

However, given the importance of the questions raised about the Iran deal over the last few days, I want to make several points about one issue: how we advocated for the deal.
First, we never made any secret of our interest in pursuing a nuclear deal with Iran. President Obama campaigned on that position in 2008. We pursued several diplomatic efforts with Iran during the President’s first term, and the fact that there were discreet channels of communication established with Iran in 2012 is something that we confirmed publicly. However, we did not have any serious prospect of reaching a nuclear deal until after the election of Hasan Rouhani in 2013. Yes, we had discussions with the Iranians before that, but they did not get anywhere. After the Rouhani government took office, our confidential negotiations with the Iranians accelerated, and quickly led to public negotiations within the P5+1 process that began at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2013. Whatever your analysis of the relative weight of moderates or hard-liners in the Iranian system, there is no question that we were able to achieve a deal only after a change in the Iranian Administration.

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See below for explanation of how Iran nuke deal was sold on a lie from a lying president and his no nothing buddy Ben Rhodes. 

This skilled storyteller duped America into passing Iran deal