Monday, May 30, 2016

Life Out-of-Control: Johnny Manziel disappears before family party

Johnny Manziel has ability as a football player and he could have made it work for him in the NFL in some fashion. 
But, what he doesn’t have is a moral center and it’s not only ruined his NFL career, if he doesn’t get right, he could lose his life. 

NY Post Page Six reports Johnny Manziel went missing in action this weekend when he was supposed to host a small party in the Hamptons for close friends and family.

The fallen football star was supposed to take a Blade helicopter out east on Saturday, but didn’t show for his flight.

We’re told they waited 15 minutes for him, but left after he failed to answer his phone.

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Manziel signed an $8 M contract with Cleveland Browns.  He's going through that money having a good time and killing himself.