Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mark Levin morphs into Pied Piper leading useful idiots for Hillary Clinton

I gave Mark Levin the benefit of the doubt as recently as yesterday that he’d come around to join the fight in defeating Hillary Clinton. 
But, listening to him tonight on my way home from work, Levin was still in attack Donald Trump mode.  

It was absolutely petty and ridiculous. 

So, if he continues to undermine Trump with snide comments and I told you so remarks from until November, he’s part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.   I thought Mark was better than that! 


  1. No mark is NOT better than that. Think back to the last 2 elections. Big grassroots support for Ron Paul. Levin led the charge against him, he's a kook, a nut, etc, day after day. So, we got McLaim, and Mittens as candidates, and 2 terms of Obama. And Levin got 8 years of ranting and raving on the radio, and a really nice income stream. Screw him.

  2. This is a sad thing. I have enjoyed Levin's biting humor for years. I am not the biggest Trump fan in the world. I was a Walker supporter at the start, but I understand Trump's appeal. It started with immigration and the Wall, but it became something different as the GOPe went after him. It was like the voting base of the Republican party was not obeying orders and we had to be corrected.


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