Friday, May 20, 2016

San Francisco police chief forced to resign just hours after an officer shot dead an unarmed black woman

San Francisco is a cauldron of crime because the Leftists that run the city allow it. 
They believe it’s society’s fault and the criminals have justification to do whatever they do.    

Daily Mail reports San Francisco's scandal-hit police chief has resigned hours after a city officer killed an unarmed black woman.

Greg Suhr stepped down Thursday following a request from Mayor Ed Lee as a result of a series of controversies.
Police shootings have created mounting racial tensions with minorities and have led to criticism against the department.

A group of officers were also caught sending racist and homophobic text messages to colleagues.

The 27-year-old black victim shot dead on Thursday was reportedly sitting behind the wheel of a stolen car.

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There was more outrage about police officer texts that I documented on this blog than the out-of-control crime.  San Franciscans deserve what they get.