Saturday, May 21, 2016

Scout’s harsh Matt Harvey: Out of shape, fooling no one or does he have a character problem?

Matt Harvey, Creative Commons

I’ve been very tough on Matt Harvey a few times on this blog and accused him a being a jerk and caring more about being a Superstar in the media rather than letting his pitching do the talking. 
NY Post reports there are many problems Matt Harvey must overcome, but here is a key observation from a scout who has known the pitcher since his amateur days and watched him get blown away Thursday night at Citi Field:
 “There’s no deception in his delivery,’’ the scout said. 

“He is throwing across his body and the hitters are getting a good look at everything.

“There is no fear factor, no intimidation.’’
Add it all up, and you have a pitcher who can’t climb out of the hole that he has dug for himself.

None of that is good news. But it could be much worse.
Perhaps Harvey’s biggest problem is mechanical. He needs to fix that so it doesn’t lead to bigger woes. The scout said Harvey also looked a bit out of shape.

“When you open up too early and throw across your body,’’ the scout said, “you are exposing the ball to the hitter.’’

When the hitter sees more baseball it puts him in a comfort zone, and that would explain why Harvey no longer intimidates like the Dark Knight once did. 

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In my opinion, Harvey’s problem is character.  He’s been coddled all his life by people telling him how great he is and he’s let all that go to his head.  But, baseball is a humbling game and even great players like Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle had their moments of struggle when they thought they weren’t good enough for the Big Leagues.  What pulled then both through was their character, not their physical talent.  Matt Harvey is a Pima Donna and baseball has punched him in the teeth hard.  I think Harvey needs a character overhaul if he wants to be as great as he think he is.