Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thug Got What he Deserved: Bronx Hero husband Mamadou Diallo beats to death man who tried to rape his Wife

Good!  One less career criminal the citizens of New York have to worry about.  Mamadou Diallo deserves a medal and the keys to the city as far as I’m concerned. 

NY DailyNews reports an avenging husband savagely beat a would-be rapist to death with a tire iron after the man attacked his wife inside their Bronx apartment, police sources said Tuesday.

Career criminal Earl Nash became a crime statistic Monday night in a violent throwdown with Mamadou Diallo inside an blood-spattered elevator at the Claremont Village apartment building, sources said.
Nash, 43, was bolting from the Diallo apartment when the 61-year-old cab driver arrived — rushing to the building after a desperate call for help from his battered wife, sources said.

“While it was going on, I was thinking I was going to die,” Nenegale Diallo told the Daily News about the ordeal that left her naked and terrified in the hallway.

Mamadou Diallo took the elevator to the sixth floor — and when the doors opened, he spied Nash standing in the hallway.

“I see my husband, I say, ‘That’s him! Don’t let him out!’” the wife told The News.
Diallo and Nash began brawling, leaving blood in the hallway and the elevator. Sources said Nash beat Diallo with a belt as the husband bashed him in the head and body with the tire iron.

Nash suffered a fractured skull, and died at Lincoln Hospital.
“Self-defense,” claimed Mamadou Diallo, who was charged with manslaughter in the fatal fracas. “He threatened my wife, he threatened my wife.”

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I can pretty much guarantee that a Bronx jury IS NOT going to convict  Diallo of Manslaughter.