Monday, May 23, 2016

Wacky Liberals bring in Herd of Goats Tackles Invasive Species in Prospect Park Green Solution? Or Dinner?

Liberals in Brooklyn are patting themselves on the back for using goats to clear parts of Prospect Park instead of hiring a people to do it. 
Who know it may work out?  However, unless those goats have police protection I wouldn’t be surprised some of those goats end up missing or slaughtered for religious purposes.  Unintended consequences ya’ know.  
NBC News a herd of goats is helping Prospect Park recover from damage it sustained nearly four years ago in Sandy.
Volunteers brought the goats to Brooklyn’s second largest park to help clear invasive plant species. Invasive weeds and ivies spread rapidly after Sandy knocked down hundreds of native trees in the park back in the fall of 2012. 
The goats clear everything from poison ivy to mugwort in an environmentally friendly way, volunteers say. 
“It’s a non-chemical, so it’s a green method. You’re not putting people in Tyvek suits, spraying chemicals to kill things, you’re letting the goats do what they do naturally,” Prospect Park Alliance member Christian Zimmerman said.

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