Thursday, June 9, 2016

Corrections Union Honcho/Democrat Norman Seabrook, arrested in connection with federal corruption charges, close ties to Mayor de Blasio

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio better think about getting into the wind because people around him are getting snatched up in handcuffs.
  I don’t think all this corrupt can be going on around De B, and he’s clean?  No way!  

NY Times reports as federal agents tell it, the kickback scheme that led to the arrest on Wednesday of Norman Seabrook, the powerful leader of the New York City correction officers’ union, was hatched one night in late 2013 in a hotel room in the Dominican Republic.

The union president had been drinking and was delivering an earful to a well-connected New York real estate developer, according to the agents. For too long, Mr. Seabrook complained, he had been working hard to invest the union’s money and had not received anything in return.

It was time, he said, that “Norman Seabrook got paid.”

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