Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Corrupt Media Jumping the Gun: It’s Crooked Hillary by Superdebates to notch Democrat nomination for president

Media corruption is alive and well in America. 
The Hillary-suck up media couldn’t wait 24 hours before the primaries on Tuesday to declare Crooked Hillary the Democrat nominee.  Just one problem though.  She gets the nod coughing and limping along unable to put away an old socialist, Bernie Sanders who vows to continue the fight.    

Daily Mail reports without the fanfare of an election night victory Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of the Democratic nomination this on Monday as she campaigned in Los Angeles.

The Associated Press, which runs the premiere delegate-tracking service, first made the call and was quickly followed by NBC News, CNN and CBS.

Almost eight years from the day that she bowed out of a tight race against Barack Obama, Clinton made history with the announcements, becoming the first woman to top a major political party's ticket in the United States.

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