Monday, June 6, 2016

Democrat Sen Ron Wyden of Oregon Calls for Law to Force Trump to Release His Tax Returns

Democrats operate from the same playbook. 
They did the same to Mitt Romney.  But, the Dems have never seen a candidate as formidable as Trump who is more media savvy than any politician in Washington. 

InFo Wars reports Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon and the Democrats believe they can deflate Donald Trump’s rise by exposing his tax returns.

The logic here is the American people will be outraged by Trump possibly not paying his “fair share” and they will turn against him, thus allowing Hillary Clinton to win the election.

Wyden is floating a bill to force presidential candidates to make their tax returns public. 

This would reverse the long-standing law that individual income tax returns—including those of public figures—are private information protected by law from unauthorized disclosure. Trump underscored this fact when he told the corporate media his tax returns are none of their business.

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