Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hillary’s simmering Goose: Clinton IT aide Pagliano pleads Fifth in email case

This guy wouldn’t be pleading the 5th unless there was a lot of criminality going on.
  And it would be a miscarriage of justice if ground zero for the crimes, Hillary Clinton, isn’t brought to justice.  Either we are a nation of laws or we’re not! 

Fox News reports the man who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server will assert his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refuse to answer questions over an open records lawsuit, according to court documents obtained Wednesday by Fox News.

Bryan Pagliano declined to answer questions from watchdog group Judicial Watch during his deposition scheduled for Monday, according to his lawyers.

His lawyers also asked a federal judge to block Judicial Watch from recording his deposition, writing that a written transcription should be instead be enough.

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