Monday, June 20, 2016

Jellyfish Paul Ryan tells members use 'their conscience’ , stabbing Trump in the back

I don’t what Paul Ryan and the GOP are thinking, but it’s extremely stupid!  If they think runaway away from Trump helps them they’re wrong.  The media will continue to dog them and ask them questions about Trump anyway.  There is no such thing as running separate from a nominee!  They should run united, follow Trump’s lead, stop being politically correct, and above all start acting like real men instead of pussies.  

Fox News reports House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan is trying to keep fellow Republicans in control of Congress but said Sunday he wouldn’t ask them to endorse Donald Trump for the sake of party unity, to save their Capitol Hill majority or keep Democrat Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

“Imagine the speaker of the House not supporting the duly elected nominee of our party, therefore creating a chasm in our party,” the Wisconsin Republican said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I don't want to see Hillary Clinton as president. I want to see a strong majority in the House and the Senate.”

Ryan has endorsed Trump but waited about a month after he won enough primaries, caucuses and accompanying delegates in early May to become the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee. After some direct conversations with Trump and assurances that he would support a conservative agenda, Ryan officially backed Trump earlier this month.

However, Ryan has since criticized some of Trump’s subsequent comments, including the suggestion that an American-born judge presiding over a civil suit against Trump University real estate school could be bias because of his Mexican heritage.  

“I disavow these comments,” Ryan told reporters earlier this month. “Claiming a person can't do their job because of race is sort of like a textbook definition of a racist comment.”

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If Trump loses this very winnable election the base of the party will blame the GOP establishment and there will be Hell to pay!