Monday, June 27, 2016

Leftist Pope says Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment

The Holy See made a bad choice with this guy.
  This is first pope who I dislike.  I think the fact he’s a stone cold socialist has a lot to do with it.  I want the LBGT community to apologize to society for teaching the Gay lifestyle to our children in Kindergarten.  Do we get an apology too?  

Yahoo News reports Pope Francis said on Sunday that Christians and the Roman Catholic Church should seek forgiveness from homosexuals for the way they had treated them.

Speaking to reporters aboard the plane taking him back to Rome from Armenia, he also said the Church should ask forgiveness for the way it has treated women, for turning a blind eye to child labor and for "blessing so many weapons" in the past.

In the hour-long freewheeling conversation that has become a trademark of his international travels, Francis was asked if he agreed with recent comments by a German Roman Catholic cardinal that the Church should apologize to gays.

Francis looked sad when the reporter asked if an apology was made more urgent by the killing of 49 people at a gay club in Orlando, Florida this month.

He recalled Church teachings that homosexuals "should not be discriminated against. They should be respected, accompanied pastorally."

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Watch a couple of days from now the Vatican will announce the pope was misquoted. 

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  1. I would be interested in seeing the RC church apologize to many people, starting with real Christians that it has persecuted over the centuries.
    However, it need not apologize to gays for calling out their sin.


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