Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Muslims have contributed very little to the world when examining the history of technology that’s dominated by Western civilization

Gutenberg's printing press

President Obama has said on multiple occasions that Islam or Muslins has contributed greatly to world history. 
Well, like many things that come out of Obama’s mouth, it isn’t true.  Examine for yourself a timeline of the history of technology going back 5 billion years and you’ll be very hard pressed to find a Muslim Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs or Sir Isaac Newton.  In fact the overwhelming majority of technological advances, with some noted exceptions in Asia, originated in the Western civilization, many of them Christians.   

Technology timeline

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  1. Well apart from clocks,universities and maps. To mention just a few. But you carry on pretending that your religion is any better.

    1. Crizz, you've been schooled!

    2. Criss, you've been schooled!

    3. Actually, the Jewish people have been the innovative ones. I no longer can find the web-site but; a list of the top 100 modern day inventions that are credited to other countries.

  2. Crizz - you mean clocks like the Greek Klepshydra? Or the amazing Greek Antikythera device that tracked planets and predicted eclipses? Or The first mechanical clock completed in China in AD 725 by Yi Xing and Liang Lingzan. That latter was just when the Muslims first began jihad against Western Civilization.
    Universities? You mean like the academy of Plato?
    By maps, you mean the very first clay maps of Babylon, 1400 years before Christ? And remember, it was Eratosthenes, the Father of Geography, who first proved the world was round and MEASURED THE RADIUS! around 250 before Christ.
    So that's why Western Civilization is more advanced.
    Do you have any facts to share?

  3. Actually, the history says, that Muslims invaded the countries that invented these things and claimed it for them selves.

  4. Amazing how accurate the time line is with the exception of those supposed billions of years that are totally unscientific. WHILE its true some scientists accept those dates, they are hardly conclusive.


    This is what Obama says about Islam. But, the historical timeline of technology does not show the kinds of contributions that has come from The West and the Far East. The Near East comes up short.


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