Monday, June 27, 2016

National Monument by Govt Force: Stonewall Inn becomes national monument for Gays Rights, You will LOVE IT OR ELSE

That’s pretty much how I feel as the Obama regime creates this national monument without any input from citizens who may disagree with it. 
Does this mean the 10 Commandments will be put back into the city square in towns all around the country to make people like me happy?  Of course not.  All those had to be removed.  But, it’s U.S. policy to have a monument to Gays.  There’s a lot wrong with that!   

Newsday reports an activist who recalled the chaos of the 1969 Stonewall riots joined other champions of LGBT causes and federal officials Monday in Manhattan to formally dedicate The Stonewall Inn as the first national monument to gay rights.

At a ceremony outside the Greenwich Village bar, artist Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt, 68, of Manhattan, who participated in the uprising, remembered Stonewall as one of the few places where same-sex couples “could dance slowly together” and “where the affirmation of being human came full force to me.”

A 7.7-acre area that includes Stonewall Inn and nearby Christopher Park has been added to the list of national monuments commemorating civil rights movements in places such as Seneca Falls, New York, site of the first Women’s Rights Convention.

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