Monday, June 13, 2016

Not guilty' for Plum teacher Drew Zoldak accused of intimidation

Interesting deal.
  But, I wonder what was really going on.  Making accusations against teachers is common thing done by students. 
WTAE reports a suspended Plum High School teacher Monday was found not guilty of intimidating a female student who accused another teacher of having sex with her.

Allegheny County prosecutors argued 41-year-old Drew Zoldak "broke" the victim and meant to discourage her cooperation against the other teacher, Joseph Ruggieri. They claimed when students asked why detectives questioned him, Zoldak pointed to the victim in class and said, "because of her."
One student's testimony supported the allegation, but the defense had other students who presented a different story.

"The wonderful thing was all these students who stood with him, who said, 'We were there and this did not happen,'" said Zoldak's attorney, Al Lindsay. 

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