Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Obama Gun Control Not Working in His Own Hometown: Chicago suffers 13 Dead over Father’s Day Weekend records record 300th homicide

Obamas overlooking Chicago

Let’s talk about gun control President Obama. 
Let’s talk about your phony rhetoric and how you have your head so far up your ass you can’t see the light of day.  Let’s talk about how Black Lives don’t matter in your own hood.  Let’s talk about how you’re a disgrace to your office and the American people have to suffer for it.  Let’s talk, Brother! Let’s talk about how you think stop and frisk doesn’t work because you think it’s racist.  Let’s talk about how wrong you are and how people  that look like you and me are getting shot in your hometown of Chicago.  Let’s talk about it    

ChicagoTribune reports the city recorded its 300th homicide this weekend and went on to record six others over a 60-hour period that saw 59 people shot, 13 fatally, from Friday afternoon through early Monday morning.

So far this year, about 1,800 people have been shot across the city and more than 200 of those wounded have died of their wounds, according to records kept by the Chicago Tribune. A total of 306 people have been killed this year by shooting, stabbing or other means, Tribune records show.

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Paul Ryan should be talking like this but that’s asking too much I guess.