Friday, June 17, 2016

Paul ‘Little Harry Reid’ Ryan threatens to sue Donald Trump over proposed ban on Muslim immigration

It seems that Paul Ryan has forgotten he’s in the Republican Party. 
Maybe he got a hold of some bad cheese in Wisconsin because the guy is confused.  His job is fight Barack Obama and the Democrats not the presumptive nominee of his own party, Donald Trump.  Is there a doctor in the House?  Ryan needs to get his stomach pumped.    

TalkingPoints Memo reports House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has made clear he doesn't agree with a proposal put forward by Donald Trump -- whom Ryan has endorsed -- to ban Muslim immigration into the United States, but in an interview with the Huffington Post Thursday, Ryan floated taking a President Trump to court if he tried to implement such a ban or some of his other controversial proposals unilaterally.

“I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,” Ryan said in a back-and-forth about Trump's claims that he could implement a Muslim ban or build a Mexican border wall without congressional approval.

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