Monday, June 6, 2016

Pundits, GOPers, Talking heads wrong again: Trump questioning judge’s fairness helps him politically in a huge way

I guess a lot of people locked in the PC box can’t see how Trump is scoring huge political points with the largest voter block in the U.S., White people. 

What the PC obsessed crowd, Democrat and Republicans,  cannot get beyond or understand is Whites in this country feel put upon by the same media out to destroy Donald Trump. 

Every day in the media it’s a barrage of White privilege accusations, the Founding Fathers were a bunch of slave owners, or nothing of value can come from a White person because their terrible people who stole everything they have from somebody else. 

So when Donald Trump uses a Leftist tactic of questioning the heritage of a judge, the same argument that was made by Leftists in reverse for years, Trump scores huge with a group that has a lot of pent up emotions of being knocked in the head every by the media.    

Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, while others are still in grade school.