Sunday, June 5, 2016

Singing for her supper: Trump says Hillary hates Obama but sucks up to him to avoid jail

There’s a mountain of evidence that Hillary Clinton broke Federal laws. 
Not rules, laws!  Regular people in this country get indicted a lot sooner for comparable acts.  But, I’m convinced Obama is stringing out this process to extract as much pleasure, and who knows, maybe monetary benefits from the Clintons.  

NY Post reports Donald Trump came up with a new insult for Hillary Clinton on Friday, calling her a “thief” and charging that she sucks up to President Obama so he will keep her out of jail over her ­email scandal.

“Hillary hates Obama. She’s hated him for years. Bill Clinton really hates Obama. I know that as a fact,” he said at an outdoor rally in Redding, Calif., where the temperature hit 104 degrees.

Trump tore into Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.
“What a mess she’s in. Who would be so stupid to do what she did with her emails?” the presumptive GOP nominee said.

“But I get why she did it — because she’s a thief. That’s why she did it,” he roared, adding a nickname to his usual favorite, “Crooked Hillary.”

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