Sunday, June 5, 2016

The return of Hillary Cough-A-Lot at an event in Sylmar, California (Video)

Picture Hillary Clinton having an important joint press conference with Vladimir Putin. 
All of a sudden she goes into a coughing fit like she’s had more than a dozen times on the campaign trail.  That would not only be a disaster for her, but it would be a bigger disaster for the United States to have someone so physically weak as president. 
The AmericanMirror reports Hillary Clinton had another coughing fit today — when she wasn’t even talking.
Clinton was attending an event on immigration reform in Sylmar, California when it broke out.

A video of the incident shows Clinton began coughing as a guest was speaking, then took a very large drink of water before coughing repeatedly.

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  1. My mother had a cough like that and we finally figured out what was causing it, something simple. I could email Hillary and tell her what to do to stop coughing but I won't.


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