Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trump blasts Obama for terror lecture: 'He was more angry at me than he was at the Orlando shooter!'


Obama did show more anger at Trump and the American people than Muslim terrorists he goes out of his way to protect and defend. 
The guy really is a piece of work and a disgrace to the presidency.
Daily Mail reports Donald Trump celebrated his 70th birthday in North Carolina with a serenade from an estimated 9,000 people and a vicious rebuttal to an afternoon of attacks lodged by Hillary Clinton and the president they both hope to replace.

'Happy birthday? Ah, don't tell me about my birthday!' he grinned as the singing started.
Trump's smile turned quickly into a pointed glare, though, as he blamed 'weak, ineffective people' in President Barack Obama's administration for what he said was an out-of-control immigration problem linked to the weekend's gun massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
In a rare break from the no-drama-Obama voters have come to expect, the president unleashed an angry lecture on Trump in the afternoon, painting him as a know-nothing poseur whose lack of nuanced foreign policy knowledge and china-shop-bull approach to diplomacy would threaten to turn the Arab world against Americans and radicalize a new generation of Islamist jihadis.
Trump scoffed.

'I watched President Obama today. And he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter!' he marveled.

'The level of anger – that's the kind of anger he should have for the shooter, and these killers that shouldn't be here.'

And the presumptive Republican presidential nominee dismissed Obama's law-school oration questioning the value of branding extremist attacks as the work of 'radical Islamic terrorism' – a seldom-heard turn of phrase Trump has used for months to clobber reticent Democrats.

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