Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trump issues ultimatum to still sulking like a child Ted Cruz: Endorse me or no speech at GOP convention

I really have to question Ted Cruz maturity at this point. 
After a hotly contested primary in 1976 Ronald Reagan endorsed Gerald Ford.  It was the right thing to do for the party and it worked out pretty well for Reagan in 1980.  But, Cruz insists on acting like a baby instead falling in line and positioning himself to take over after a Trump presidency.  That’s apparently too much acting like an adult for Cruz.  Time to grow up, Ted!   

DallasMorning News reports Donald Trump has issued Ted Cruz an ultimatum: Endorse me or forget about giving a speech at July's Republican convention.

The presumptive Republican nominee told The New York Times that he was getting out in front of potential convention insurrectionists. He said: "If there's no endorsement, then I would not invite them to speak."

That puts Cruz in a tough situation. He's essentially the runner-up to Trump in the Republican race, going into the convention with 559 loyal delegates.

A speaking slot at the convention would give him the opportunity to pay tribute to his supporters, tout his impressive but unsuccessful campaign and set himself up for another run for the White House in four or eight years.

History is full of second-place finishers tipping their cap to the eventual nominee. In 1976, after a bruising fight for the GOP nomination, Ronald Reagan conceded and endorsed President Gerald Ford. He later spoke at the gathering in Kansas City, thrilling his supporters and laying the foundation for his successful 1980 presidential bid.

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  1. That attitude sunk Cruz in his bid for the nomination. He ended up sounding like a whining child.

  2. I'm quite sure you know this as you strike me as a very smart guy.

    "Lyin" Ted Cruz and all the other contenders are banking on a rule change at the convention to release bound delegates who can then vote for one of these losers.

    Bad idea, imho as it will really piss off Trump's base. Many wouldn't vote handing over the election to the witch at the least. At its worst, a move like that would likely incite some level of violence to Rinos by those that see Donald as the last hope of the nation.

    Trumpsters are already quite angry at this whole body politic ignoring the rule of law and a whole plethora of other things. "When the body politic doesn't have to follow the laws, why should I" will be the battle cry.

  3. The more I see or hear from or of Ted Cruz, the more petty he appears and the less I like him.

  4. I've been arguing with Never Trumpers since yesterday on Facebook and what they don't seem to understand if Ted Cruz doesn't endorse Trump and do his utmost to get him elected, Cruz will never get the GOP nod in the future. I won't ever support him him. He'll be finished in the GOP as far as national politics is concerned.


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