Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ attack on Elizabeth Warren leaves cowardly Lion Republican Sen. Cory Gardner squirming crying for his mother

Sen. Cory Gardner, Cowardly Lion GOPer

If Sen. Cory Gardner isn’t man enough to be tough and call out Elizabeth Warren for what she is, a fraud.  Then he deserves to lose.  It’s time to man u, Cory!

WashingtonPost reports it was a bad time for Sen. Cory Gardner to be caught in an elevator with a reporter. Donald Trump had just referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as ­“Pocahontas” — again — and the Republican freshman from Colorado was struggling to figure out how to respond.

“I think people need to be treated with respect, and that’s what we’ve demanded from everyone,” he offered.
But was it racist?

Gardner clammed up. He politely referred further questions to his press secretary.

So it went for Republicans on Capitol Hill on Friday, forced to contend with yet another provocative comment by their presumptive presidential nominee — clambering for safety as Trump launched another boundary-pushing attack.

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These GOPers are getting pumked by the media because they are punks!  Or maybe he can go back to Colorado and smoke some weed to get some courage?