Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trump's toughness and strength on terror response scares timid PC-obcessed Republicans

Memo to Republicans:  The base of the GOP is watching you very closely and if you think it’s a good idea to run away from Trump, they’ll be in for a big surprise on Election Day
when he wins the White House and their out of a job.  The people want a leader and these unnamed GOPers are all looking like chumps!  So if there’s any manhood pride reaming in the GOP, now is the time to show it and keep up with a real man.   

Politico reports Donald Trump’s combative anti-terrorism speech Monday flouted the typical post-tragedy script and left Republican insiders fretting that the business mogul is unprepared to play a crucial presidential role: national healer.

Some wondered whether he failed to harness a moment to elevate himself and pass what one Republican called the “desk test” — the ability to picture Trump in the Oval Office in a time of crisis. And on Capitol Hill, his renewed call for a ban on Muslim immigration drew quick condemnations from GOP lawmakers, even as they struggled to stand by their presumptive nominee.

It was the latest display of the party's conundrum of how to deal with their unpredictable standard-bearer whose views they often don't share. Many Republicans appeared downright fatigued by the almost daily exercise of Trump saying something provocative or worse, and them having to answer questions about it.

Several lawmakers opted to remain silent, apparently hoping this latest controversy would wash away with the next news cycle. But for others, Trump's response to the deadliest mass shooting in American history prompted renewed doubts about whether he carries "the kind of sensitivity or understanding of ... a president’s role,” as Tom Rath, a veteran New Hampshire Republican strategist, put it.

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