Sunday, June 12, 2016

Typical Obama: Obama: ‘We’ are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre, How Obama is mentally unable to deal with radical Islam


President Barack Hussein Obama has a blind spot when it comes to dealing with radical Islam. 
He feels Islam is a religion of peace and it’s his responsibility as president to defend Islam at all costs.  However, New York Post columnist John Podhoretz sees it differently and he’s written an excellent piece explaining why. 

John Podhoretz, New York Post

Omar Mateen called the cops to pledge his fealty to ISIS as he was carrying out his mass murderer in Orlando early Sunday morning. Twelve hours later, the president of the United States declared that “we have no definitive assessment on the motivation” of Omar Mateen but that “we know he was a person filled with hate.”

So I guess the president thinks Mateen didn’t mean it?

Here again, and horribly, we have an unmistakable indication that Obama finds it astonishingly easy to divorce himself from a reality he doesn’t like — the reality of the Islamist terror war against the United States and how it is moving to our shores in the form of lone-wolf attacks.

He called it “terror,” which it is. But using the word “terror” without a limiting and defining adjective is like a doctor calling a disease “cancer” without making note of the affected area of the body — because if he doesn’t know where the cancer is and what form it takes, he cannot attack it effectively and seek to extirpate it.

So determined is the president to avoid the subject of Islamist, ISIS-inspired or ISIS-directed terrorism that he concluded his remarks with an astonishing insistence that “we need the strength and courage to change” our attitudes toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

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It’s exactly the government forcing the Gay life style down the people’s throats that’s the problem.  Orlando was pushback.