Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What could Hillary Clinton have in common with Michael Jackson?

My mouth dropped this morning when I read all over the press the following information about Michael Jackson.  

As media reports say Department police report taken from a 2003 search at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch residence turned up a cache of photos of naked men and women, animal sex videos and child pornography, all allegedly used to seduce young boys.
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If this information was in a police report saying Michael Jackson was in possession of child porn, that’s a Federal crime punishable with a long prison sentence.  But, Jackson was never even arrested for it.  That means law enforcement officials looked the other way and not charge Jackson for breaking a Federal crime. 

What does this have to do with Hillary Clinton? 

She’s under FBI investigation for allegedly breaking Federal laws.  So does she get away with it the same way Michael Jackson did?  It sure looks like we have a separate judicial system for celebrities and well connected politicians if Hillary is allowed to skate as well.