Sunday, June 26, 2016

Why does a story about a 4 year boy getting accidently shot by his older brother get national attention, but 7 killed and 39 shot in Chicago doesn’t?

I would like an answer from every executive news chief who works at ABC, CBS, and NBC.  I’m waiting…..

Well I guess I have to answer the question for then.  The story about the 4 year old accidentally getting shot fits the template the corrupt media machine wants to indoctrinate the public with the idea that this country needs more gun control.  Who wouldn’t want to protect the life of an innocent 4 year child from getting shot?  It perfectly tugs at the heart.  

However, doesn’t the 7 killed and 39 wounded in Chicago deserves national consideration too.  According to the corrupt media machine, it doesn’t.  Why?  Because Chicago already has tough gun control laws that has done nothing to prevent an Orlando-style massacre from happening every week.  So there’s no need to bring Chicago to light and they ignore it.    

News organizations are not about reporting news.  They’re into shaping opinions for their particular political agenda.