Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Widow Marie Louise Sikorski, 90, could lose home because Sarasota Fl neighbors complained the property fell into disrepair after Air Force veteran husband died

These are the neighbors from Hell!  You’d think a group of them might get together to help out this old lady.  But, I guess that takes a little human decency for that.
Daily Mail reports a 90-year-old widow is facing eviction from the home she has lived in for 70 years after neighbors complained about its condition.

Marie Louise Sikorski has built up thousands of dollars in violations in her Sarasota, Florida, property she has lived in since it was built 1952.

Two years ago her neighbors started to complain the house had fallen into disrepair and the standoff has continued since. 

Sikorski is now struggling to pay off the fines which have hit almost $500 a day, 14 years after her Air Force veteran husband died. 

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