Monday, June 27, 2016

Women-only ticket of Crooked Hillary and Fake-A-Hantis makes Liberals wet

Despite the whitewash by the corrupt media machine, these fraudulent ladies are made for each other like female version of Bonnie and Clyde. 
One is more sleazier than the next. 

FT reports Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren teamed up for their first joint appearance in Cincinnati on Monday, delivering repeated pats on the back and fuelling speculation that the two women could make history with the first all-female White House ticket. 

Ms Warren, the Massachusetts senator who has become one of the Democratic party’s most prominent progressives, has reportedly made it to a shortlist of potential vice-presidential candidates for Mrs Clinton and is being vetted for the job along with several others. 

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Mrs Warren has at times been considered a long-shot for vice-president, with some Democrats concerned that her populist views could alienate some centrist voters and Mrs Clinton’s wealthiest backers, or that an all-female ticket could turn off some male voters. 
Yet Monday’s rally in Ohio was a clear reminder of a much-needed ingredient that Ms Warren would bring to Mrs Clinton’s campaign: enthusiasm. 

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I though Hillary doesn’t like when Donald Trump name calls.  But, it’s somehow okay for Elizabeth Warren to do it all day long.