Friday, July 29, 2016

Bill Clinton falls asleep during Crooked Hillary’s DNC acceptance speech

Yep, he’s asleep along with millions of other Americans who were undervalued by Crooked Hillary’s torturous speech.

(H/T) NTK Network


  1. He's just resting his eyes and daydreaming of bikini babes.

  2. Considering Bubba's usual conquests, I doubt it. If he's going to cheat, why didn't he pick better looking women?

  3. Maybe he thought that if he closed his eyes, he wouldn't see that Hildebeast lying. He was probably thinking "I guess you need to have a vagina to get away with the kind of bullshit this broad is serving up!" Notice how the guy in front of him tried to block the camera's view...

  4. I think the guy is Hills running mate


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