Friday, July 1, 2016

British MEP Daniel Hannan Spent Nine Minutes Smacking Down CNN Journalist

I think Daniel Hannan has a good shot of becoming the UK’s next prime minister.  He’s a strong conservative.
Heat Street reports Daniel Hannan, a conservative Member of the European Parliament representing South East England and one of the most vocal advocates in favor of #Brexit, had a “fiery exchange” with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, in which Hannan repeatedly rejected Amanpour’s attempts to smear Leave supporters as racist and pushed back against her accusations that he had made misrepresentations.

The interview, which aired on Tuesday, featured Amanpour questioning Hannan for details about how Britain’s exit from the European Union would be accomplished.
Here’s the video, with a few seconds shy of nine minutes of Hannan smacking down rudeness and ridiculousness from Amanpour over and over and over again:

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  1. Hey Samuel;

    Jeez, she was rude as hell, Would she had done the same thing to the mad mullah's or some of the other muslims leaders..?

    1. Notice how she doesn't pay attentipn to what Hannan is saying


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