Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chris Wallace threw nothing but softballs at Crooked Hillary

I was wondering if Chris Wallace would try and go for Hillarys G Spot with the kind of puffball interview I saw on Fov News Sunday. Clearly this interview had conditions.   Bad job by Fox.  Roger Ailes would never allow such a kissing session.


  1. Actually Ailes would. Have you ever seen Bill O'Reilly's interviews with Barack Obama? They might as well have had a loofah to share.

    This is actually typical Fox. They so rarely get a shot at big name Dems they go out of their way to be "fair" (also know as cowardly).

  2. Here's an industry fact that most people don't know regarding interviews: there's a trade magazine that gets mailed twice a month to media companies that gives them contacts to high profile authors, politicians and other famous people. One of the conditions the media must adhere to is to stick to the softball questions the agent gives you to ask them. I have seen in the past, questions agents gave to the potiential media outlets to ask Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. If the media outlet didn't like the stipulations for the interview, the agent would not allow the outlet to interview Clinton. Chris Wallace had his hands tied, from what I noticed in his body language.


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