Sunday, July 3, 2016

Crooked Hillary allowed to skate? FBI leak emerges claiming Hillary Not Expected to Face Charges, a nation of laws no more

I don’t know if what is being leaked is true or not.
  But, if it turns out Hillary Clinton is allowed to get away with breaking the Federal law, it’s a sad day for the United States and we will be the most powerful banana republic in the world.  Truly disgusting!  
Mediaite reports according to sources that are familiar with the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server, the former Secretary of State is not expected to face charges in the probe.

This, according to CNN’s Senior Producer Edward Mejia Davis, who took to Twitter shortly ago to indicate the likely announcement of “no charges”:

During an unexpected interview hit on MSNBC this evening with Chuck Todd, Clinton herself was asked about the reports that she would not face charges. “As we were talking, there are news reporters that indicate no charges may be brought against you and a final decision in a couple weeks,” said Todd in the waning seconds of the hit.

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Here’s a famous scene from the film, And Justice for All, starring the great Al Pacion.  He’s a defense lawyer defending a judge he knows is guilty of the crime he’s accused of committing.  Think of the judge in the scene,  played by John Forsyhe, as Crooked Hillary.